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Board of Trustees' Minutes

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 Viewing BOT TIFF Files

What is TIFF?
The Board of Trustee's Minutes are saved in a format called TIFF, which means "Tagged Image File Format."  This is the standard format used when scanning large volumes of documents for digital archiving; the US Patent Office, for instance (, uses the TIFF format in its master database.  TIFF files are high quality and very portable: most graphics and word processing programs will display them correctly.

Viewing BOT Documents in your Web Browser
If you want to view TIFF files through your web browser, then you will need a plug-in, just as you need a plug-in from Adobe to read Acrobat/PDF files.  Note that plug-ins are specific to your operating system and browser.  You can download a free TIFF browser plug-in by clicking on the appropriate link below.

For Windows machines running Internet Explorer or Mozilla browsers, visit

For Apple machines, visit and download Quicktime (search using the term “patent”)

For Linux users, visit and download “Plugger”


Please contact the IT Help Desk ( or 508.929.8856) if you have any questions.


 Board of Trustees' Minutes

2010 October 18 Board of Trustees.PDF
2010 October 18 Board of TrusteesUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
11/15/2010 12:13 PM
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