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Graduate program alumni survey: Respond to this Survey

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This survey is designed to assist the WSC Nursing Department to evaluate the effectiveness of our graduate program. As an alumni your input is greatly appreciated.
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A.  Please indicate how well the program helped you achieve the following objectives: ______________________________ Objectives
1. Develop and monitor comprehensive plans of care that address health promotion and disease prevention of communities and groups. *
2. Demonstrate advanced clinical expertise appropriate to making sound clinical judgments. *
3. Utilize new knowledge to analyze the outcomes of nursing interventions, to initiate change and improve practice. *
4. Incorporate relevant theories and research findings in clinical decision making. *
5. Analyze the results of policy research relevant to health care delivery. *
6. Understand the relevance of current laws and regulations on clinical practice. *
7. Articulate the interaction between the legislative and regulatory processes within the health care delivery system. *
8. Evaluate the impact of social, economical, and political policy on the health care delivery system and identify role responsibility in the promotion and preservation of health communities. *
9. Identify and analyze methods of ethical decision making and utilize ethical reasoning in practice. *
10. Evaluate ethical decision making from both a personal and organizational perspective. *
11. Assumes responsibility for nursing care and collaborated with other nurses and disciplines for assuring the delivery of quality health care, in a variety of delivery systems. *
12. Promote the improvement of health care services through use of the key advanced practice nurse competencies including clinical practice, consulting, expert teaching, coaching, scholarly or scientific inquiry, clinical and professional leadership, collaboration, and ethical decision making. *
13. Promote personal and professional development by continuing to acquire knowledge relevant to the nursing profession and participating in professional development activities. *
14. Differentiate and compare the wide range of cultural norms and health care practices of varied racial and ethnic client populations while delivering culturally sensitive care. *
15. Recognize the wide diversity of subcultural influences on human behavior and develop an understanding of human diversity in health and illness. *
16. Apply knowledge of research methods to a critical analysis of research literature, and the design and implementation of scholarly or clinical research. *
17. Demonstrate an understanding of the relationships among theory, practice, and research. *
18. Demonstrate and understanding of health issues within aggregate, community and global issues. *
B.  Please indicate your agreement or disagreement with the following statement regarding your program of study: ________ 1.   I feel I received a quality education in the Nursing
program. *
2.    I feel that the quality of Nursing instruction at WSC was excellent. *
3.   I feel that instructors in the major covered the subject areas in Nursing adequately. *
4.   I feel that I am well prepared for employment related to my major. *
5.   My program was offered in an intellectual and stimulating environment. *
6.   My program provided useful courses, Internship, or co opportunity in a changing academic work environment. *
7.   I was exposed to modern day development in my program/major. *
8.   Faculty were accessible to students in my program/major. *
9.   My program provided me with accurate information about the job market. *
10.  My program addressed cultural and individual differences. *
C.  Advanced study ______________ C. 1.   I plan to attend doctoral school to further my studies. *
C. 2.   I have gained admission to a doctoral program *
If yes, name of school

If yes, Major

D. Certification exam ______________ D.1 Have you taken the certification exam? *
D.1 Have you taken the certification exam? Yes/date?

D.2 If yes to number D.1: did you become certified? *
If yes to number D.1: did you become certified? Yes/date?

D.3 If no to number D.1: Do you plan to take the Clinical Nurse specialist Community Health Certification exam?
E.   Employment: ______________ E.1. As an alumni are you currently employed in nursing? *
E.2.   If employed in nursing, is your position related to your Master’s degree? *
E.3.   If not employed in your Master’s area is this your choice? *
E.4.  Are you working as a clinician in your area of advanced practice? *
E.5.  Are you working as a nurse educator? *
E.6. Are you working as a consultant in you advanced practice area? *
E.7    Are you in a leadership/management role? *
E.8. Optional: If you are employed please provide the following information:

Employer/Agency Name:

E.8. Optional: 


E.8. Optional:


F.  Please make expand upon your answers, make suggestions about your program and/or education at Worcester State College on the back side of this paper.