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Residence Hall Handbook

Each resident student is responsible for knowing and understanding the policies and procedures of the Residence Halls.  For your convenience the Worcester State University Residence Hall Handbook for the 2012-2013 academic year is now available online.  Please click below to view the handbook.


- Residence Hall Handbook 2013-2014

Suggested items that students SHOULD bring:

-       Twin extra long sheets

-       Blankets / Comforter

-       Dry erase board

-       Pillows  / Mattress pad

-       3M Command Hooks

-       Computer/printer

-       Alarm clock      

-       Desk lamp

-       Stereo (no sub-woofers

-       Toiletries          

-       Television        

-       School supplies for desk

-       Extra storage containers

-       Clothes hangers

-       Laundry basket/bag

-       Detergent & dryer sheets

-       Shower sandals

-       Wash cloth/towels

-       Bathrobe          

-       Microwave

-       Sewing kit

-       First aid kit

-       Basket/bucket for toiletries

-       Energy Star Mini Refrigerator /3.2 cubic feet or less

-       Dishes, cups, plates, bowls, utensils, pots, pans, etc…especially for those assigned to Chandler Village & Wasylean Hall

PROHIBITED items that students CANNOT bring:

Materials / Liquids

-       Satellite Dish

-       Upholstered Furniture

-       Halogen Lamps

-       Electric Blankets

-       Sub-woofers

-       Cinderblocks    

-       Drums

-       Mercury Thermometers

-       6x9 rug

-       Dart Boards, Darts, & Barbells

-       Space Heater & Air Conditioners

-       Octopus Outlets & Splitters

-       String / Rope Lights (i.e. Christmas Lights)

-       Fog Lamp, Fog Machine, & Black Lights  

-       Refrigerators larger than 3.2 cubic ft.

-       Heat Generating Humidifiers & Vaporizers

-       Candles, Incense, Incendiary devices such as Fireworks

-       Heating and Cooking Appliances such as a Toaster Ovens, Hot Plates, Heating Coils, Rice Cookers, etc…

-       Weapons such as Firearms / Ammunition, Bows & Arrows, Martial Art Devices, Swords, Knives, Paintball Items, etc…

           If you have any questions about prohibited items, 
                                please contact the: 
          Office of Residence Life & Housing at 508-929-8074.


Resident Trash Removal
Resident students are expected to keep the interior of the apartments/rooms clean and sanitary at all times. This means that trash is to be removed from apartments and bedrooms on regular basis. Trash containers/wastebaskets are provided in all apartments and bedrooms.  Trash bags are available in the Office of Residence Life and Housing. Dumpsters are located off the Dowden Hall loading dock, next to the Chandler Village laundry room, and in trash rooms located on every floor in Wasylean Hall. 

Resident Parking

Any motor vehicle parked in a lot that does not display the proper decal may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Decals are issued to upperclassmen based upon credit hours earned and then distributed to other resident students based on rationale for needing the permit. Questions related to the issuance of residential parking permits should be directed to the Office of Residence Life and Housing at 508-929-8074.

Residential students wishing to obtain a parking permit must complete an application online. Parking on campus is a privilege and may be revoked due to policy abuse or as the result of judicial action. Commuter decals will not be issued to residential students.



Student Health Services

The Health Services Office is located in the temporary building in front of Sullivan. During the academic year a full-time nurse practitioner, two part-time practitioners, and a part-time physician staff the office. Office hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Wednesday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. During the summer months when the Health Services Office is closed, emergencies are referred to College Police.

Services include acute and routine medical care, health screenings, immunizations, allergy injections and specialty referral. Treatment is completely confidential. Students’ health history forms remain on file in this office, health insurance brochures and claim forms are available.

The Health Services Office phone number is 508-929-8875


Health and Safety Inspections

Health and Safety Inspections are conducted of student living areas once a month. At least Twenty-Four (24) hour advance notice is provided to resident students. During these inspections apartments and bedrooms are checked for health and fire hazards which may constitute a danger to students. All fire equipment is checked at these times, as well as common areas, bedrooms, etc. Students are provided with written notification of any violations and given a period of time in which to rectify any problems prior to re-inspection—usually within a few days. Students failing to correct violations by the time of a re-inspection may face fines and/or judicial action.

University Housing personnel, University personnel, or Maintenance personnel authorized by the Director of Residence Life & Housing may enter students’ rooms at any time for health and safety reasons, upon notice, and during non-vacation times. During vacation periods, personnel may enter at any time to make routine maintenance repairs and safety inspections to insure that the terms of the Residence Hall Occupancy License Agreement are being complied with.

The Worcester Fire Department conducts routine inspections of the campus for fire violations. Violations of fire or health codes will result in disciplinary action.


Residence Hall Occupancy License Agreement Releases/Buy-Outs

Residents who withdraw from the Residence Life and Housing License/Occupancy Agreement will remain liable for the room fee for the duration of the term of agreement, except as follows:

A. License Releases

- A student may request in writing, a release from this license
  under the following conditions with no penalty if granted:
     • Graduation

- A student may request in writing, a release from this license
  under the following conditions, but will forfeit the deposit if
     • Withdrawal from College
     • Transferring to another school

 B.  Buy-Out of Occupancy License

- A student wanting to be released from his/her license for any
  other reason must participate in the Buy-Out option by paying
  35% of room charges for the subsequent semester. A student
  cannot participate in the Buy-Out option for the current
  semester.  All Buy-Outs must be filed by the published deadline
  in writing. Students who participate in the Buy-Out option are
  not eligible for a refund of their deposit.


Single Room Waitlist

For the past several years, waitlists for single occupancy bedrooms have been established as a part of Room Selection.  These lists (one each for female and male students) have been designed to establish an order for students who wish to be assigned to vacancies in single occupancy bedrooms, but who were unable to sign up for single rooms during the room selection process.

The procedures for single room waiting list sign-ups are as follows:

1) Any resident student may indicate her/his desire to be added
    to the singles waitlist once they have selected a room assignment for the 2012-2013 academic year. Interested
    students may accomplish this through the submission of this form on the main page of our website.

2) Resident student placement on the single room waitlist is determined by the date their form has been received by the  
    Office of Residence Life and Housing.

In order to be placed on the Single Room Waitlist you must fill out the Single Room Wait List Form on the main page of our website.


Commuter Student  Waitlist

For the past several years, the Office of Residence Life and Housing has found it necessary to establish waitlists for commuter students.  These waitlists (one each for female and male students) have been created to determine an order for students who wish to be assigned to vacancies in the residence halls should spaces become available.

The procedures for commuter waitlist list sign-ups are as follows:

1) Any commuter student may indicate her/his desire to be  
    added to the waitlist at any time by submitting this form on the main page of our website UNDER LINKS

2) Student placement on the commuter waitlist is determined by the date their form has been received by the Office of
    Residence Life and Housing.

3) Students are strongly encouraged to maintain contact with the Office of Residence Life and Housing for waitlist updates,to reinforce interest, etc.

4) It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Assistant Director of any changes in their address or phone number.


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