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As you prepare to study abroad, we would like to remind you of the following basic safety precautions anywhere in the world.  Be sure to attend any orientations sessions concerning health and safety issues.
In addition:

     •   Maintain a low profile--don’t attract attention by being overloud 
         in public. 
Try to stay informed of the world situation via newspapers, 
         radio, and TV. 
Avoid discussing politics in public. 
Be aware of what you discuss with strangers or what others 
         may overhear. 
Avoid areas where demonstrations are in progress. 
Be cautious when meeting new people.  Do not give 
         acquaintances your in-country address. 
Be alert of your surroundings. Report suspicious activity to 
local security or police officials. 
Make sure that someone knows where you are (your 
         roommate, home stay family, program director) knows where 
         you are at all times. 
Treat mail from unfamiliar sources with suspicion. 
Never accept a package or suitcase from someone you don’t 
         know well. Likewise, do not offer to watch someone else’s 
         belongings in train or bus stations, airports or other public 
Stay in touch regularly with your family.  Parents can get very 
         worried if you don’t make that Sunday afternoon phone call 
Make sure that you have some form of identification with you at 
         all times. 
Remember that drinking too much may put you in a very 
         vulnerable position as your judgment may be impaired.

Additionally when traveling:

     •   Be discreet. 
If you are planning to travel over a week end, please let your 
         Resident Director know where you intend to travel and give a 
         contact address and/or phone number. 
Avoid going out late at night and drinking too much in places 
         and with people you don’t know. 

In light of the current world situation, we would like to add:

That you avoid dress and behavior that may identify you as an 

You should register your trip with the US Embassy on-line as soon as you know your itinerary. Be sure to consult the Department of State’s Public Announcements, Travel Warnings, Counselor Information Sheets, and regional travel brochures at the Counselor Affairs. You should also check in with the Transportation Security Administration for what to pack, what to carry-on, and other airport security issues before you travel.

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