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Registration for study abroad and exchange programs

You will receive WSU credit for your study abroad/exchange programs based on the actual courses you take.

In order to ensure you get credit for your courses they must first be approved by your faculty advisor, other appropriate faculty, and the registrar. You must complete the approval for study abroad/exchange courses form and have all the appropriate signatures before you take it to the registers office. This form can be found at the International Programs Office (A-159). Once the Registrar approves your courses you will be registered at WSU for foreign exchange (FE) credits. You will be registered for 15 WSU FE credits. This is just a holding number of credits. The number of credits you actually receive will depend on the courses you take and pass while abroad.

Upon arrival at the program site, your actual courses may change from the ones you have had approved. You will register for specific courses with your host program or institution once you arrive at the program site. If your program of courses is not pre-set (some programs sponsored by U.S. organizations, such as SIT, have pre-set courses for the program), as you register for your courses you will want to consult with your WSU faculty advisor to make sure your courses fulfill the requirements for your academic program. Your credit for the semester will be adjusted when your transcript is received and evaluated. To receive credit toward your WSU degree for study abroad, you must be enrolled at WSU and your intent to study abroad form must be approved by your faculty advisor, the registrar, as well as the assistant director of international programs.

Because credit schemes vary among programs and institutions, you will need to familiarize yourself with how your host institution or program awards academic credit. As a study abroad/exchange student, you are expected to be enrolled full-time, as defined by both WSU and the host institution/program.

Information on the credit system used by the host institution or program may be available on relevant web-pages. However, depending on where you will study, this information may not be available until you arrive at your host site. Sometimes the information may be confusing, so please be in touch with WSU if you have questions. Your academic advisor can help you determine which courses will count toward WSU requirements. The International Programs Office can help you determine how many credits your courses will earn.

The number of credits earned abroad that may be counted toward a major or minor is determined by the major/minor department or program. It is therefore imperative that you consult you advisors concerning how study abroad courses will count toward the degree.

The grades you earn in your study abroad courses will not appear on your WSU transcript and will not be included in your grade point average. Only the credits will be counted.  The grades will most likely appear on the official transcript from the program you studies abroad with. All Grades from your study abroad experience are Pass/Fail. Regardless of this, students certainly can fulfill their major requirements while studying away. 

Faculty-led short term programs

If you are participating in a short term faculty led program and are taking it for credit both the grade and the credits will appear on your transcript.

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