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Lauren LeBlanc

University of Worcester, England
Spring 2006

My experiences abroad were nothing less of amazing. I never dreamed that finishing my Bachelor degree would bring so much happiness and sadness at the very same time.  Worcester, England was definitely a great setting for my final semester.  Leaving Boston during a snow storm, only to land in a vibrant, lush, green country was just the very start to my eye-opening experience. I was thousands of miles from home and all alone. Now all of a sudden all of the prepping was making sense; this journey is not for everyone. But, I can say that it most definitely is for the adventure seeking, open-minded, curious, experienced, and the novice.  Worcester soon became my home.

The study abroad office was very accommodating and helped with the transition.  They set up meet-and-greets with current students and arranged for festivities throughout the hall that I lived in. I quickly became part of the school. I traveled with flat-mates on some holidays to Italy, Morocco, and Ireland for St. Patties day. There surely was enough down-time for travel while in Worcester.  But, I would say that in Worcester I had a very busy schedule with shopping, trips, school work, nights out, and sports.

The "Uni" as it is called is nestled in the West Mid-lands. It is conveniently located near great shopping in Birmingham, and also is a short train ride from London.  Living in the Mid-lands provided a sense of community. The streets were safe and the people were very friendly. It was a very nice place to walk, site-see, hike, shop, eat, and the night life was amazing. I still can picture the streets bustling with people and if I close my eyes it is as if I am back there again.

As far as the school went, its was very easy to get involved around campus since it was not too large or intimidating. The class sizes were comparable to Worcester State.  The major difference would be how they are taught and the schedule. At the University of Worcester each class meets only one day a week for a period of roughly 3 hours. This leaves the student to their own studies. Now this may sound nice since you can set up your courses so you have a 3 or 4 day weekend in some cases but, it also means that one can fall behind very easy. So my advice would be to manage your time appropriately, the pubs can wait for you to finish your studying!!

Now that my time in Worcester has ended I have plenty of time to reflect upon my experience. I can not believe all the things that I was able to accomplish while I was studying.  Learning from the people I lived with, (also international students from all over the world), to learning from the British. These lessons will forever stay with me, I am a changed person.


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