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"My experience with MANNA International exposed me to many things I had never witnessed before. The opportunity to participate in a clinical practice will help me when I begin my pediatric rotation."
                       ~Nicaragua, OT Program                     

"This trip was the most rewarding experience of my life."
                             ~ the Amazon

Short Term Faculty-Led Study Tours

Earn credits while traveling with Worcester State University faculty and students during semester breaks (Spring, Summer and Winter). Each year WSU faculty develop short term international opportunities to give students the chance to experience in the field the theories they are learning in the classroom. Field research on these programs is integrated into classroom work.

2013-2014 Spotlight on Faculty-Led programs:

A History of British Theatre. This program will run over Spring Break 2014 and will include visits to London and Stratford upon Avon as well as shows in some of England's most prestigious theatres and tours of museums in London. For more information contact Professor Adam Zahler or the International Programs Office.

 The 2013 Visual Sociology in Tanzania study abroad program will take place over the course of three weeks and will be held primarily in Tanzania, but will also include Zanzibar (3 days). Students will take one independent study course and will earn 3 credit hours.   Program leaders:  Dr. Fortunata Makene and Dr. Sonya Conner This course will immerse students in Tanzanian culture, as they utilize visual ethnographic methodologies to explore the effects of mining on families and communities in Tanzania. In particular, students will have the opportunity to learn about the meaning of visual activism and social justice, and the role of visual sociology in democratizing the ways our knowledge and practices are produced and shared

Costa Rica:Photography & the Environment. This program was developed by Professor Suzanne Gainer, Communication. It is designed as an opportunity for budding photographers to test and improve their skills while exploring the environment in Costa Rica. For more information please contact Suzanne Gainer or the International Programs Office.

The Amazon: Oil Media and Indigenous Survival. First established in 2006 by Professor Carlos Fontes, Communication, students explore Quito, Ecuador and the Ecuadorian Amazon including a 6 day stay with the Saraycu tribe. For more information, please contact Carlos Fontes or the International Programs Office.

Nicaragua. WSU offers two separate programs in conjunction with MANNA Project International, www.mannaproject.org. The first is the Alternative Spring Break Nicaragua Service Team Project, through the Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement, and the second is the OT Service Learning Project, Occupational Therapy. Both of these programs focus on manual service in the communities surrounding Managua. For more information contact the International Programs Office.

Morocco.  The three main elements that have shaped the social and political landscape in Morocco and many parts of the Middle East and North Africa will be the focus of our trip. The methodology of learning is totally and fully interactive. We will be learning by probing and observing.The Morocco short term faculty led program fulfills the Arabic 211 requirement and can be credited toward a Humanities, History, or Political science minor or major. Students are encouraged to sign up for the class BUT are not required to take it if they wish not to. The course will be run through the DGCE department

PLEASE NOTE: These are just a sampling of the Faculty-Led programs at WSU. Other destinations have included: England, France, Spain, Canada, Russia, Sweden, the Galapagos and more! For more information, contact Katey Palumbo, Director of International Programs .

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