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Commuter Services

Commuter Services is committed to helping you have a successful experience at WSU.

We help you feel connected to the university, supported, and informed even though you live off campus. Our primary goal is to help ease your anxieties and get you connected to the campus. Commuter Services is committed to helping full and part-time commuter students have a successful experience at Worcester State University. We can help you find answers to questions and guide you to find further information on anything about WSU. 

Our programs and services provide you with an opportunity to:

      *   Meet other students like yourself
      *   Be informed of campus events
      *   Make a connection with WSU students, faculty and staff
      *   Study and/or relax in between classes

First and foremost, we want you to feel like you "belong." We provide the "home away from home" environment in the Student Center with the following:

      *   Quiet and comfortable study areas w/wireless Internet
      *   Televisions with cable and free pay-per-view
      *   Free access to a microwave and refrigerator

In addition, the staff is also dedicated to assisting students and serves as an advocate for commuter concerns. Students are welcome to contact the office to express concerns. The office will work in conjunction with the Commuter Advisory Board to support and address their concerns. Even though you live off campus you should still feel connected to the college, informed about upcoming activities and events, and supported by faculty and staff.

Commuter Advisory Board (CAB)
The Commuter Advisory Board is a student run major organization developed to focus its attention on commuter students and encourage them to become involved at Worcester State University. CAB plans events for children of faculty and staff including movies, a Halloween party, puppet shows, and also student trips, pool tournaments, and outdoor activities. All commuters are encouraged to become members and share their ideas. CAB welcomes any student or member of the WSU community who is seeking information about off-campus housing opportunities, on-campus activities, or those looking to get involved in student activities.

Living Room
If you are looking for a place to hang out and meet other students, the Living Room is the place to go. Located on the 2nd floor of the Student Center, there are many amenities in the space to make you feel right at home, such as:

Plasma televisions
Comfortable study areas
Pool tables
Ping pong tables
Arcade games

Location:                     2nd floor, Student Center Living Room
Staff:                           Sarah Potrikus , Coordinator of Student    
                                  Involvement and Commuter Services
Office Hours:          8:45 a.m.- 5 p.m.
Contact Info:          508-929-8672

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