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2015 Application Period Opens February 1, 2015

Availability of Applications

While applications for most of the academic scholarships for undergraduate students are accepted during the period of February 1, 2015, to a deadline of April 15, 2015, with awards made in mid-summer, for the following academic year, there will be times throughout the year when scholarships for specific majors, programs, or student or interest groups are available. To see which scholarships are currently available, please click here or click the Apply for Scholarships button on the left of this screen.

Application Process

Applying for Worcester State University academic scholarships is now a simple, online process. Our online application service automatically recommends scholarships based on answers entered into the application form by an applicant.

Even when no applications are being accepted, students may log-in to the system using their WSU credentials, complete the general application and save their answers. Students may also log-in to update their application throughout the year.

Directory features more than 150 named scholarships

This online directory provides a comprehensive listing of more than 150 named academic scholarships representing more than 250 individual awards available to undergraduate students at Worcester State University and provided by generous donors. These scholarships are available to a wide variety of class years, majors, backgrounds, and interests, as well as varying levels of academic success and financial need.

Scholarships that are awarded for full tuition are limited to the value of in-state tuition for state-supported credits. All scholarships, unless otherwise noted, REQUIRE full-time enrollment for both semesters for the academic year in which they are to be awarded. For some scholarships, a FASFA may be required. 


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