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Preventing Laptop Theft

No place is safe-
Never assume your laptop will be safe just sitting around. Treat as if it were $1,000 in cash lying around, and lock it down using a cable lock or secure docking station. WSU Student had his laptop stolen from him at the library while he was standing no more than 30 feet from it. A State department employee had his stolen from a conference room and lost his job. Despite a $25,000 reward it was never returned. Never assume that your laptop is safe.

Asset Tag or Engrave the laptop - Permanently marking (or engraving) the outer case of the laptop with your  School, name and cell number may greatly increase your odds of getting it returned to you if you happen to carelessly leave it somewhere.There are also a number of metal tamper resistant commercial asset tags available that could help the police return your hardware if it is recovered. According to the FBI, 97% of unmarked computers are never recovered. Clearly marking your laptops deters casual thieves and may prevent it from simply being resold over the Internet via an online auction.You may borrow an engraving tool from the WSU University Police Office by allowing them to keep your Student Identification Card until you return the engraver.

Use tracking software to have your laptop call  home- There are a number of vendors that offer stealthy software  solutions that enable your laptop to check in to a tracking center periodically  using a traceable signal. In the event your laptop is lost or stolen, these  agencies work with the police, phone company, and Internet service providers to  track and recover your laptop. CompuTrace, SecureIT, Stealth Signal, and ZTrace provide tracking services for  corporations and individuals.

Register the laptop with the manufacturer and the Worcester State University Police- We've become so used to throwing away the registration cards for all of the electronic items we buy every day, because we've learned that it just leads to more junk mail. Registering your laptop with the manufacturer will  "flag" it if a thief ever sends it in for maintenance, and increases your odds of getting it back. It also pays to write down your laptops serial number and store it in a safe place. In the event your laptop is stolen, it will be impossible for the police to ever recover it if they can't trace it back to you. 


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