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Aim for consistency and strive to make the citation similar in style to the style manual you are using.

 By citing sources, you avoid plagiarism.

 All Purpose Guides - (different style formats - elements of paper setup)

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APA Format 

  • Writer's Handbook - APA documentation style. From the University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center. 
  • Online Writing Lab - from Purdue University. Lots of examples for writing as well as APA citations.
  • Guidelines for Writing in APA Style - From Southern Mississippi University. Lots of examples for print resources. Good outline for formatting papers and general guidance as well.
  • A Guide for Writing Research Papers - Based on styles recommended by the American Psychological Association. From Capital Community College (Hartford, CT). Also examples for print resources, government, newspapers, etc. 5th edition - not yet revised to new 6th edition.

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MLA Format

  • MLA Style. Modern Language Association. These guidelines on MLA documentation style are the only ones available on the Internet that are authorized by the Modern Language Association of America. A list of "frequently asked questions".
  • MLA Citation Styles - click on the button for the new 2009 updates and details for citing Web pages 
  • Online Writing Lab - [Purdue Online Writing Lab] examples from print and various electronic formats. Guidelines for preparing your paper, spacing, typing, using quotations, etc. 2009 format 
  • MLA Style - and other writing resources from the University of Illinois Center for Writing Studies 

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Turabian Format/ Chicago Manual of Style

Specialty Guides 

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