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Dear WSU students, friends and family,

We often hear from parents, relatives and other parties that their student doesn't share important financial information with them until a critical deadline has passed, creating problems which could have been avoided.  To help with this problem, we have designed a new email announcement system to inform interested parties about Student Finance issues.  We know that WSU students are fortunate to have parents and other interested adult helping them handle their financial obligations to WSU.  Although federal regulations require that we consider a student's financial information part of the educational record which cannot be shared without permission, we are able to share general information regarding student finance related issues.  Therefore, we hope that you will consider joining out listserv to keep abreast of the information we can share with you.

After joining the listserv you will receive periodic notices about important deadlines, announcements, reminders about "to do" list items and other important information that will help to keep you "in the loop".  This listserv is neither intended to be your student's sole source of financial aid information and deadlines, nor will it provide information specific to your student such as billing or financial aid award information.  We will not share your email with other departments or outside agencies and it will not be used for advertising or spam.  This listserv will not include information from other campus departments or dean's offices and will not duplicate all information sent to the student by WSU.  We offer this help in addition to, and not in lieu of, our mailings to students that are sent to their WSU email accounts and mailboxes.  Students must check their WSU email accounts and mailboxes regularly.  That is the official means WSU uses to communicate with WSU students.

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Please give our listserv a try and feel free to let us know if it is serving your needs.


Jennifer A. English

Associate Director

Financial Aid Office

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