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Vision Statement

Diversity of thought, academic tradition, and background, including gender identity and expression, religion, and racial and ethnic differences are vital to the success of a campus community. As we look to our future, our diversity will no doubt be our greatest strength as a nation. As a microcosm of the United States, and the world, Worcester State University is committed to not only achieving greater diversity amongst its faculty, staff and students, but also the establishment of an inclusive and equitable community.     

The launching of an inclusive and comprehensive diversity agenda at Worcester State University is an ambitious process that will involve every segment of the community. Changing some and building on our past diversity efforts will be an inclusive and thought out process.  Worcester State University must fully embrace diversity as it looks to its future. Through this process, the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity will play a leading role in the creation of a campus climate that promotes the intellectual examination of experiences, perspectives and contributions of the various cultures and groups that make up the Worcester State University community.


Our Commitment

To maintain a campus environment and organizational culture that:


  • Is diverse and respectful of diversity.
  • Is indicative of the society and community that constitutes the University's service area.
  • Provides a climate conducive to the success of every student and employee, by valuing the uniqueness that they bring to the college community.

Diversity Defined

Diversity of thought, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, socio-economic background, ability, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression, and religious belief is a compelling interest within higher education, and as such Worcester State University is committed to an inclusive and vibrant campus community.


The Community Pledge for Respect and Dignity
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