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Worcester State University and the DSO are committed to providing services that will enable students who qualify under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to participate fully in the activities of the University.


To be eligible, a student must first self identify and provide the DSO with current and comprehensive documentation, and it must demonstrate that the student’s disability substantially limits one or more major life activities as defined under the ADA.  With appropriate documentation provided, students must then follow through and schedule an intake appointment.  Accommodations and services are individually determined based on the functional limitation(s) that are identified by the diagnostic evaluation and during the intake appointment.  Please be advised that IEP’s and 504 plans are not sufficient documentation to determine eligibility for services. 


The records kept in the DSO are strictly confidential and are not part of a student’s academic record.  Information regarding a student’s diagnosis or documentation will not be released without the student’s informed written consent.


While similar in aim, postsecondary services for students with disabilities are not a continuation of earlier special education services.   Accommodations and services at the postsecondary level are not put in place automatically and the kinds of support services received in high school will not necessarily be continued similarly at the college level.   There are a number of differences between high school and college which result in new roles and responsibilities.  As adults, students are expected to take full personal responsibility for their educational experience.  


The DSO encourages student self advocacy and supports students in achieving the highest level of learning independence and self determination.  The DSO also serves as a resource to the campus community to advocate for a diverse learning community, educational equity and innovation.


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