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Family members can provide an important support system for students making decisions about their careers. Specific ways that you can help include:

Support career exploration. Indecision can be a good thing. Students may change majors and career goals several times during their college experiences. This is natural as they widen their horizons and explore the general education curriculum.

Encourage your family member to come to Career Services early.  A Career Counselor can assist students in making the connection between majors and careers through career counseling and assessments.

Promote experiential education opportunities. These may come in several different forms including internships, volunteering, classes which incorporate "real world" activities, and meaningful part-time and summer employment.

Share your own experiences and knowledge about the world of work. If possible, provide the student with a chance to visit your workplace, if it is of interest, or connect the student to your own network of friends and family who are doing work that is appealing.

Help the student build self-esteem by talking with them about the new concepts and skills they are learning at college. Discuss career options with an open mind and know that our graduates have gone on to a wide variety of very remarkable and successful careers! 

Below are some additional resources you may find useful in helping your family member with their career exploration.

Recommended Readings for Parents .pdf
A Parent’s Guide to Career Development .pdf
A Career Planning Course for Parents .pdf

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