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Due Date

You are expected to return payment due and corresponding remittance slip on your statement on or before the due date.  If payment is not received by the due date, your enrollment may be cancelled automatically, without notice to you, and your seat in classes will be made available to other waiting students.



If you do not plan to attend Worcester State University this semester, you must notify the Academic Success Center to schedule an appointment at 508-929-8139.  Non-attendance in classes does not constitute withdrawal, and you will still be responsible for any charges incurred.



If you have been assigned a room, charges for the room and corresponding meal plan have been included in your bill.  Questions regarding housing assignments should be directed to the Housing Office at 508-929-8074.


Refund Policy

Students who cancel their registrations, drop courses, or withdraw from the University during the ADD/DROP PERIOD will receive a full refund.  The add/drop period is held during the first two weeks of the semester.  Any course that is withdrawn after this period will not result in a refund.



Students can now enroll online to receive their student REFUNDS directly deposited into their bank account.  No need to wait for a paper check to arrive in the mail and then have to go to the bank to deposit or cash the check.  It is easy to enroll!  Login to Webadvisor - on the Webadvisor for Students Menu under "Financial Information" you will find a link for "Bank Information (US)".  Input your banking information and when complete you will receive a confirmation email.  Please contact the Student Accounts office at 508-929-8051 for more information.


Financial Aid

If you have met the Financial Aid Office (FAO) deadlines, your financial aid should appear as ‘pending aid’ on your statement.  If it does not, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 508-929-8056.  For federal student loans to appear as ‘pending aid’ you must have returned your award letter to the FAO and have completed Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note (MPN).  Both Entrance Counseling and the MPN can be completed at www.worcester.edu/financialaid.



The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (affords students certain rights with respect to the student's education records).  Worcester State University cannot release any financial information, including refunds, pertaining to your account to anyone but you.  If you would like to allow us to share financial information with a a parent, please go to www.worcester.edu/ferpa to print out the form and return it to the Student Accounts Office.


click here for FERPA form


Parking & Pedestrian Access Fee

Supports the cost of parking garage operations, walkway creation and renovation, operation and maintenance of emergency telephones, and on-campus parking.  Parking decals will be mailed to all commuter students prior to the start of the semester.


Health Insurance

Students who have their own health insurance coverage need to complete an online waiver form at www.universityhealthplans.com before the first day of classes.  You may then deduct the health insurance premium charge if it is listed in the itemized charges section of your statement.  If we do not receive your waiver, you will be automatically enrolled and there are no refunds.  If you need the insurance, you must go online to enroll.


Payment Plan

The University offers a payment plan administered through TuitionPay.  Payments start before the semester begins, so please apply early.  You may contact them directly at 800-635-0120 or www.tuitionpay.com.


Tuition & Fees

Click here for Tuition and Fees



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